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David will demonstrate many expressive techniques showing how paint and especially color can be used in an abstract-like manner with splatters, drips, blossoms, runs, pours, textures, etc.

 The workshop will focus on painting intuitively with spontaneous feeling and emotion. Rather than brown hair, the artist goes with purple or orange. Instead of observing the color differences between one side of a face and the other, the artist may sense one side green, the other lavender. To feel color in this way gives the artist a freedom of expression and a release from observable reality. Color is used as a powerful means of expressing and evoking emotions.

 This is a "CA Vibe" promo video prepared by David Lobenberg.

CCWS sponsors a David Lobenberg California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture Classroom Watercolor Workshop on February 21, 22 & 23 2019 in Nipomo, CA

David Lobenberg has over thirty-five years experience teaching both college and private art classes. He has also established a reputation for conducting well organized, energetic, hands-on watercolor and drawing workshops across the United States and Canada. He is an internationally published and exhibiting fine artist.

​Lobenberg's figurative works are passionate and thoughtful with a unique perspective and tons of personality. He starts his painting action by building on a photo foundation.  Your class paintings will be based on “Tracing from your reference photo” as there will be no actual drawing in this class. More information on this process will be sent to you prior to the class.