Kathleen Scoggin is a contemporary abstract artist working in watercolor, acrylic and  mixed media. Her work is inspired  by nature and  expresses organic subjects inviting the viewer to see and be aware of the beauty around them. The work is based on unique texture techniques to describe the varied earth forms that are all around us. 


CCWS Sponsors a Kathleen Scoggin, "Creating Watercolor Abstracts" Workshop on May 26 and 27, 2020 in Nipomo, CA.

NOTE:   Paintings shown are copyrighted by the artist.

“This workshop will focus on where to find inspiration and how to develop your own abstract style.  Design and Composition will be explored as part of the process.  Step by step instructions will be given for a no fail abstract with lots of WOW FACTOR. We will explore different ways of application of the watercolor medium.
Primarily we will work wet into wet to use watercolor to its full potential. The addition of mixed media will allow you to create a painting that is unique to you. We will explore abstracting more realistic subjects as well as creating non-objective abstracts.”

Workshop Description

Kathleen's art is created to help the viewer see and be aware of the electrifying beauty of nature but still create mystery.