CCWS sponsors a Robbie Laird "The Abstract Nature of Nature" Classroom Watercolor Workshop on September 19, 20 & 21, 2018 in Nipomo, CA  

Laird is a signature member of National Watercolor Society, where she has received the Loa Sprung Award (the top award for Non Objective Painting).  She is also a signature member of Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, Watercolor West, San Diego Watercolor Society, and a full-juried member of the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media.  She is a highly sought after instructor and was named one of 20 Great Teachers of the last twenty years, by American Artists’ Magazine.  Her paintings and articles have been in many publications, including Watercolor Magazine, American Artist, and International Artist Magazine. Her work is included in Splash IV, North Light Books, and Artistic Touch 3.  Creative Catalyst Productions produced her video, “The Informed Intuitive Approach”. 

This workshop is about how to make stronger and more personal paintings based on design, and on the underlying abstraction found in all of nature. Each painter will select their own subject(s) of inspiration and Robbie will guide you through a series of exercises and studies that enable a transition from a literal depiction to a uniquely personal painting. Your paintings will be based on strong design basics combined with a variety of exciting personalized techniques. The result is a new and expanded way to use the abstract nature of nature in your own unique painting expression.

Realistic and Abstract interpretation are equally encouraged. Painters at all levels of accomplishment are encouraged to participate since the individual instruction given in the afternoons will be adapted to each person’s needs. 

After completing her Masters degree in Art Education, Laird became a Fine Arts curriculum consultant, giving workshops for teachers throughout California, the United States, and abroad. She served for 12 years, as the Director of the Kanuga Watermedia Workshops held each spring in North Carolina. Her influence as an artist and educator continues to grow. 

Robbie Laird is an innovative painter, teacher, and juror. Her paintings captivate the viewer with an exciting balance of flowing ambiguity and varying amounts of specific detail. Using large brushes and flowing paint, her work dances on the edge of abstraction in areas but pulls you back in others.  She sometimes uses the unique qualities of flowing transparent pure watercolor to create mysterious rhythmic works, while in other pieces she incorporates a variety of other watermedia.  The continuing source of inspiration for Laird’s work is a lifetime interest in cycles and natural transitions and connections. 
Her paintings have received numerous awards in National and International exhibitions.  



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