Work by Jackie Bradley

The Central Coast Watercolor Society (CCWS) was founded in 1976 for the purpose of furthering interest and appreciation in the watercolor medium.  It is an independent group of artists, collectors, teachers, students and anyone interested in watercolor and water media.  We are located on the beautiful central coast of California in San Luis Obispo County.  CCWS holds a general meeting each month at 6:30pm at the United Methodist Church, 1515 Fredericks Street, San Luis Obispo. All meetings are free and open to the public and routinely host guest artists, demonstrations, and lectures suitable for all levels.

The September 27, 2016  meeting will start at 6:30 pm with a social time and the demo starting at 7:00 pm. 

​The September program meeting of the Central Coast Watercolor Society will take place on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, in the Wesley Room of the San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church (1515 Fredericks St, SLO).  Social time (6:30 pm) will be followed at 7:00 pm by a presentation by  Jackie Bradley.  

Jackie Bradley's Artist Statement. 

"The inspiration for my art varies. Sometimes I look at a beautiful flower, person or landscape and I feel the need to translate this vision into colors on paper and silk. Patterns, shadows and shapes in magazines, newspapers and on TV are intriguing to me and spark my creativity.
At present, my passion and vision for the arts goes to watercolors and silk paintings. They have similarities because they both use water to dilute the colors (or dyes). The way the colors blend is interesting and full of surprises!
A lovable aspect of silk painting is the potential for 3D. I use different techniques on silk: gutta and French dyes; shibori; solar; salt and alcohol; liquid wax and others. I also paint on many different types of silk.
My work is realistic when I use the “Basics of Art” as I learn in Europe. The use of drawing, focal point, perspective, good blend of colors and appropriate shading dominates.
In abstract art I think about composition, maintain unity and equilibrium of the piece and draw with clean lines. Only when satisfied with the drawing on paper will I think about colors: complimentary or similar; contrast or gradation: light or dark."

For more information, contact CCWS Vice-President and Program Chair Linda Hendler at 805-773-4924. 

The Tuesday, September 27, 2016 meeting will start at 6:30 pm at The United Methodist Church at  1515 Fredericks St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405. 


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